More than 20 years of experience

The TyE staff has a wide experience in company management within the sectors of Industry, Distribution and Logistics, Services, and Special Employment Centers, in the following areas:

Automotive and Industrial
  • Logistics and Material Movement.
  • Unit Assembly processes and sequencing of parts in real time.
  • Plastic injection.
  • Stitching of leather and other materials.
  • Installations maintenance.
  • Inspections and Quality Walls.
  • Re-works and customized parts.
  • Comprehensive processes.
Apparel and Leatherworking Sector
  • Garment sewing using machinery from the Textile sector (Tailoring and Sewing Monitors in known Industries).
Furniture and timber
  • Auxiliary work to the furniture and cabinet-making sector.
  • Assemblies, kits, etc.
Services to companies
  • Janitors.
  • Industrial and office cleaning.
  • Other services, etc.
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