Casa SEI 1
In order to provide our customers with a high level of Service, TyE has developed its own Work System. This is known as the Industrial Excellence System (SEI) TyE, which takes advantage of the experience in this type of systems within the Automotive Sector, adapting it to the TyE’s idiosyncrasy, social function and staff of TyE.

This System of Industrial Excellence allows us to:

  • Obtain maximum efficiency and productivity with the level of demand typical of a first level company.
  • Flexibility and reactive towards our customers.
  • Provide a high quality service.
  • Undertake work and develop projects with promptness due to our System and Organization.
  • Train personnel in different fields so as to be adaptable to a diverse and variable work environment.
  • Staff integration thanks to being a participative System within a teamwork environment. Training them in a work method that allows them to become part of other market companies offering more advantages and ease.
“TyE has an Industrial Excellence System (SEI) TyE based on the automotive sector and works with the procedures, processes and methods defined and adapted to the idiosyncrasies of our personnel with the purpose of attaining the highest industrial efficiency through continuous improvement, teamwork and the Lean production.”
“Since November 2011, TyE has been awarded the ISO9000 and ISO14000 certificates by Certification Bodies that have also endorsed other Automotive and other Industrial Sectors.”
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