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TyE Customer Work Lines

Being a Special Employment Center, TyE, aims to work in a comprehensive manner with our customers:
  • In the customer’s facilities (recommended)
    • Supported Employment
    • Providing Services
  • In nearby or close locations.
  • Our workers interact with other workers from the market during their breaks, etc.
  • We provide opportunities to our workers so that they can be employed by our company/customers.
  • We economize on infrastructure and travelling expenses.
  • Flexibility and fast reaction whenever a customer requires or needs something immediate.
TyE’s central premises allow us to undertake any work required by our customers.
Supported Employement TyE sends its personnel to the Customer’s Facilities together with its supervisor and they carry out the needed services. That means getting into part of the production processes of our customer, making possible the selection of disabled personnel which could join the company.
Partial or total outsourcing of its Operations. We take responsibility of its production, whether partly or the totality– in their facilities or in ours – with the maximum guarantee of Quality, Service, Know-how and at very competitive rates. Productivity is the basis of our work.
Service Contract Locating a Work Center which is ideal for our customers (in-house or outside its facilities) with a reasonable efficiency criteria.
Service Contract, “on-demand” commissioning Service contract, “on-demand” commissions undertaken in our customers facilities or in ours or in any other specified location (i.e. work at installation projects, etc.)
“There is the possibility of undertaking responsibility for our customer’s installations or machinery.”
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