Legal aspects: the 2% Law

The General Law on disability requires companies with more than 50 employees to assign at least 2% of the workforce to people with disabilities. TyE offers suitable and financially viable solutions regarding compliance with the Law.

This Royal Legislative Decree has brought together in just one regulation the Law on Social Integration of People with Disabilities, of 1982, and the 2003 Law on Equal Opportunities, Non-discrimination, and Universal Accessibility for the disabled, and the Law which establishes the system of offenses and penalties related to equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for persons with disabilities, established 2007.

The Royal Decree 364/2005 of April 8th, allows for the replacement of the assignment quota by alternatives contained therein, which mainly focus on Procurement, Purchase of Products or Services provided by a Special Employment Center.

NOTE: The current link gives access to the Royal Decree corresponding to the Autonomous Region of Castilla La Mancha.

The purpose of the Alternative Measures is to help companies comply with the law even when, due to technical, economic or organizational reasons, they are not able to have employees or cannot find the workers to fill the vacant positions.

The obligation to employ a disabled person can be compensated by hiring the services of TyE, as Special Job Center. The annual contract amount must be at least three times the Annual Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM, acronym in Spanish) for each disabled worker that is not employed.


Request for a customized proposal

Through the different types of services offered, and conducting a detailed analysis of your business needs, TyE will find the right solution to help you meet the obligations set by the 2% law in the most profitable, economic and socially responsible way.Contact
1. Unable to execute contracts with Government agencies.
2. Loss or Exclusion of certain government grants to a maximum period of one year.
3. Financial penalties exceeding 3,000€ per each worker not covered.

Financial Penalties

TyE, as a Special Employment Center helps you to comply with the Law without neglecting the criteria of business competitiveness and know-how.

The enforcement of this Law has become a priority for the Labor Inspectorate, and the breach of the same entails, apart from an impediment to win contracts with the various Public Administrations, potential significant financial penalties.

"As a Special Employment Center, TyE makes compliance with the law easier. We contribute experience, industrial knowledge (know how) and competitiveness to our clients"
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