Advantages for TyE customers

The advantages that TyE provides its customers are as follows:
1. Qualified Management Bodies. Professional and high-level management.                                       . Experience and Know-how in legal and labor topics.
2. Competitive rates compared to the customer’s own or any other outsourcing company.
3. ABSENTEEISM ZERO in the productive daily activity of our clients.                                        . Flexibility for our customers considering the ups and downs of market demand. TyE undertakes the responsibility of adjusting the workforce or look for alternatives minimizing customer impact.
4. Igh productivity as a result of the industrial experience and of the TyE Work System, part of the corporate philosophy.
5. All HR management of the said processes, with all that it entails, becomes TyE responsibility (as they are its employees), freeing our customers from problems such as vacation management, workwear control and purchasing tasks, sick leaves, absenteeism, etc.
6. Compliance with the law established in the Royal Decree 364/2005 (*) regarding the obligation of having 2% of disabled employees for companies with 50 or more workers.
"As a Special Employment Center, TyE makes compliance with the law easier. We contribute experience, industrial knowledge (know how) and competitiveness to our clients."
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